Letter to the editor: Make school lunches nutritious and tasty

2022-05-14 19:59:39 By : Mr. yan qian

I am bringing a real issue to the surface, and it has been brought to my attention that no one seems to ever bat an eye about this topic. It has to do with school. There are a few things that branch off from this broad topic, such as homework and the early hours of it, but that’s for another discussion.

This is about the food. The food at school is actually a joke. It’s supposed to be "healthy." No, it’s just supposed to be cheap, actually. This is an issue because as students who are at school for a consecutive six to seven hours, five days a week, we need good nutrition.

The frozen food is always soggy, undercooked, and has that freezer-burnt flavor.

The only things I have ever eaten at school and enjoy are the items that have to do with deli lunch meat; It's not hard to mess up sliced turkey, ham, pepperoni, etc.

What happened to the food at school? It is so bad for no reason.  when out of nowhere in our nation you would believe there would be strict regulations to make sure us students, elementary through high school, get the best nutrition. We need a change in schools regarding the food ASAP.