Frozen meat slicer small meat slicer

Frozen meat cutting machine small meat cutting machineFUNCTION: Cut fresh meat into slice, second processing into shred, third cutting into granulea, 304 Stainless steel for whole body.b, Cutting thickness.

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Frozen meat cutting machine small meat cutting machine

FUNCTION: Cut fresh meat into slice, second processing into shred, third cutting into granule

a, 304 Stainless steel for whole body.

b, Cutting thickness. 2.5-50 mm, customer made

3, For small or medium scale restaurant, hotel, chain catering industry, meat processing factory, mess hall and so on.

Product Specifications
Name: Cut pork machine
Model: DL-36V
Power: 900W * 2
Power: 380V / 50HZ
Yield: 800KG / H
Thickness: 3.5MM
Weight: 112KG
Dimensions: 620 * 604 * 926MM
Product advantages:. The process and technology products from Germany;
1, Concise fashion design, the whole body and internal frame is made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
2, Brushed stainless steel surface;
3, High quality seamless stainless steel body design;

4, Knife group member removal simple, clean and convenient, independent noise reduction knife set high strength nylon wheel;
5, This machine uses imported blade, SUS420 stainless steel, special quenching process, good wear resistance, corrosion hardness;
6, Pole group models, up and down two sets of cross-cutting set of dietary fiber does not damage the organization, ensuring fresh meat;
7, It can be used for medium and small-scale catering and meat processing enterprises

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