6 Recommended Frozen Food Stores in Lampung, Everything!

2022-08-08 07:29:44 By : Ms. May Lin

Bandar Lampung, IDN Times - Frozen food is now a practical alternative to eating a meal.In fact, frozen foods such as sausages, nuggets, are the choice of these mothers to make food for their children and husbands if they don't have much time to cook in the morning.Frozen food is synonymous with unhealthy food because it is not fresh.However, now many frozen food companies have considered this so that now the types of frozen food are very diverse and have sufficient nutrition.This time IDN Times will share, the store sells complete frozen food in Lampung and you can reach it easily.Chobuci Frozen Food has around 6 branches in Bandar Lampung.One of them is located at Jalan Diponegoro No. 7A, Sumur Batu, Teluk Betung Utara District, Bandar Lampung.This shop sells a lot of frozen foods such as sausages, nuggets, pempek, meatballs, cordon blue, kebabs, seam boats, to frozen satay.Not only that, they also sell some side dishes such as sauces, various flours, and typical Lampung souvenirs such as chips and pastries.Kiki Frozen Food is located at Jalan Maulana No. 2, Imopuro Barat, Metro City.No less complete, here are also sold various kinds of frozen foods including durian pancakes and there is also frozen durian meat.You can stop by the shop from the morning because from 07.00 WIB the store in West Imopuro is already open, until 20.30 WIB.In addition to offline stores, they also provide online buying and selling services via COD, grabfood, and domestic market places.Also Read: 6 Typical Middle Eastern Culinary Recommendations in Bandar LampungInara Mart is one of the specialty frozen food stores in East Lampung.The exact location is in Donomulyo Village, Bumi Agung Sub-district, East Lampung Regency.Uniquely, on the terrace of Inara Mart, there is a food court of various kinds of food from local MSMEs.You can not only buy food there, but also provided a place to sit to relax after shopping or a place to eat the food.Ghazali Frozen Food is one of the most complete grocery stores providing frozen food in Natar, South Lampung.The shop is located at Jalan Padat Karya, Pasar Natar.Or you can ask the merchant around the location of the shop.Unfortunately, this shop is only open during market operating hours, which is around 07.00-16.00 WIB.This frozen food also does not sell online so it cannot be reached by buyers from far away.Still in the same group as Lady Fame's clothing store, Frozen Fame Store is located right next to Lady Fame on Jalan ZA.Pagar Alam, Labuhan Ratu, Kedaton District, Bandar Lampung.Like other frozen food shops, he sells various instant frozen foods such as sausages, nuggets, and others.The difference is, Frozen Fame claims to only sell frozen food products that have been certified halal by MUI.So Muslims are very frendly.The shop is open until late at night, from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB.Lastly, there is Fresh Frozen Food Lampung.Still in Bandar Lampung, precisely on Jalan Nusa Indah, Way Dadi, Sukarame District, Bandar Lampung City.This frozen food shop can sell retail or wholesale.Of course, you can get cheaper prices by buying wholesale.Frozen food ingredients here are quite complete, you can also find frozen fish such as frozen squid, frozen shrimp, and other fish meat.Those are 6 frozen food shops you can reach from where you live.Besides being cheaper, specialty stores selling frozen food are more complete than frozen food in large supermarkets.Also Read: Tiramisu Steamed Sponge Recipe, Coffee Flavor with Moist Chocolateare you old enough yet?