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Wondering what to serve with sweet potato fries? From burgers & dips to mac & cheese, there are many ways to incorporate sweet potatoes into meals!

You can either pick just one or serve all 10! We’re not here to judge.

Sweet potato fries are slightly sweeter than your average potato and work well in main dishes that are rich in smokey flavors.

Burgers, sloppy joes, pulled pork, and all excellent main courses to serve with these slender nutritional powerhouses. 

Still on the fence about what to serve with sweet potato fries? Check out some of these fantastic suggestions below!

Epic sweet potato fries deserve an equally epic burger. The Travis Scott burger originally debuted at Mcdonald’s in 2020, but just like the McRib – it’s now McGone. 

No need to worry, however, because it’s so simple to make at home. The Travis Scott burger is a quarter pounder with cheese dialed to an 11. 

It’s impossibly beefy, cheesy, and finished with thick-cut smokey bacon. To capture the essence of this burger, you can’t forget the sesame seed bun!

There’s nothing better than a slow-roasted pork shoulder. Set it in your handy crockpot for 6 hours, and it’s ready to serve. 

This Texas pulled pork recipe is smoky, brimming with Texan flavors, and demands two things: a hearty bun and a side of sweet potato fries. 

While regular fries work well, this recipe demands sweet potato fries.

The savory and smoky notes from the pulled pork pair well with the subtle sweetness from perfectly cooked sweet potato fries. 

A frozen bag of chicken tenders doesn’t hold a candle to these super simple Bisquick chicken tenders. 

Using the magic of Bisquick, you can transform borning chicken breasts into flavorful dipping sauce vehicles in just 30 minutes. 

After 15 minutes in the oven, they are golden and crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Pair with sweet potato fries, and break out the dipping sauces!

These sloppy joes are way better than anything found in a can!

They’re the perfect dinner dish when you are short on time and filled with classic smoky flavors that literally jump out of the bun. 

They earn classic smokey flavors from traditional BBQ sauce, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. For a touch of sweetness, add a little brown sugar as your secret ingredient.

For the ultimate side dish, sweet potato fries are a must. The subtle sweetness of the fries pairs perfectly with this mouthwatering smoky and tangy sloppy sandwich. 

Are you having a bad week? Nothing beats the mid-week blues than fusing two comfort foods!

There are many ways to tinker with macaroni and cheese, but sometimes you want that simple recipe your grandma used to make. 

There’s no need to spend a fortune on specialty cheese here. This recipe’s creamy goodness comes from simple mild cheddar cheese with plenty of butter and milk. 

Garnish with breadcrumbs for added texture, and serve with crispy sweet potato fries. No one will go to bed hungry (or grumpy) after this delightfully indulgent meal. 

Who says that you can only eat Thanksgiving food in November?

This turkey and cranberry sandwich tastes like the Friday after Thanksgiving! It earns a bonus kick of holiday flavors when paired with sweet potato fries.

Think of this sandwich as the ultimate grilled cheese. The savory and smokey notes from the turkey work well with tart cranberry sauce and punchy sharp cheddar cheese. 

To capture the magic of Thanksgiving (even in the summer!), pair these elevated grilled cheese sandwiches with sweet potato fries with a toasted marshmallow dipping sauce. 

No mystery ingredients here! If you love the compactness of chicken nuggets, but mystery meat makes you uneasy, check out this simple recipe for chicken nuggets.

To capture that classic chicken nugget texture requires mincing chicken breasts in a food processor and mixing them with spices.

They’re like the take-out nuggets your family loves, but you know exactly what’s in them!

Prepare the dipping sauces, and serve with sweet potato fries for a dinner that everyone in the family will get excited about.

It’s the perfect meal for a particularly picky group of eaters. 

If you want to be the star of your next potluck or tailgate, sweet potato fries are bound to be a crowd favorite.

While they’re pretty addicting on their own, finding the proper dipping sauce is critical. 

Chili mayo works so well with sweet potato fries because they’re slightly spicy, creamy, and easy to prepare.

It earns its somewhat spicy kick from sriracha sweet chili sauce (or your favorite hot sauce). 

Spicy and sweet are a match made in heaven, so make sure you make a big batch of fries with all that delicious dipping sauce.

They’re so delicious; you could make them an entire meal!

Spicy sauce always goes great with sweet potatoes, but that extra heat isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a milder and less spicy dipping sauce, garlic aioli is to the rescue!

Using fresh minced garlic makes this aioli dipping sauce so impossibly addictive.

It pairs creamy mayo with garlic, smoked paprika, and a touch of lime juice to lift those heavy flavors. 

While it goes great with sweet potato fries, it’s also a delicious sauce to slather on a juicy burger. 

Ranch is always a fan favorite when you want a dipping sauce that you know everyone will love.

Traditional ranch is excellent, but this slightly spicy ranch dip is for sweet potato fries!

Plus, it’s so simple to whip up in a flash. Pair prepackaged ranch dressing (or make your own) with sour cream to make it extra thick. 

You can get creative with the added heat. Use Cholula hot sauce for an added kick, or swap it out for your favorite wing or sriracha sauce to tinker with the flavors. 

Dunk your sweet potato fries in a creamy dip or serve it with a hearty burger or sandwich! Whatever you’re in the mood for, this roundup has you covered.

Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork

Sweet Potato Fries Dipping Sauce (Ranch and Sour Cream)

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