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Founded in 1966, Aegean Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Exporter’s Association is uniting the exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables and products located in the Aegean Region under a single roof. Basic goals of the association are to improve the reputation of the sector and to carry out activities toward increasing exports of the region. With its more than 600 members and over a billion dollars annual exports all over the world, Aegean Fresh and Processed Fruits & Vegetables Exporter’s Association offers a sustainable partnership for Aegean tastes. We aim to be your permanent address for tastiness and freshness by producing a wide range of products due to the climatic variety of coastal areas, supplying most of the domestic demand, exploiting broad transportation links of the area, obtaining high quality output as per international requirements, maintaining traceability of production & transportation, providing sustainable & organic products. 

Advantages of Mediterranean climate, fertile and irrigable lands and prolonged sun exposure make it possible to produce wide range of agricultural products. This atmosphere also sets the grounds for the development of a processing industry of almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables and products. The primary factors regarding such development are; the climate, specifications of the land, proximity of products and ease of transport. Therefore, the majority of the population in the Aegean Region make their living by agricultural activities. Half of our nation’s consumption is distributed from the region.

There are 2 main sectors under the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association. One of them is the fresh fruit and vegetable sector and the other is the fruit and vegetable products sector. Approximately 70% of our exports are fruit and vegetable products, and 30% are fresh fruit and vegetable products. Fruit and vegetable products cover a wide range of products and pickles, fruit juices, dried tomatoes, tomato paste, frozen fruit and vegetables, beverages, sauces stand out as important export products. Among the fresh fruit and vegetable products, products such as cherries, grapes, satsuma tangerines, figs, strawberries, peaches, pomegranates, chestnuts, which are identified with our Aegean Region, are at the forefront in exports. Main export markets are; USA. Germany, England, Iraq, Holland, Italy, France, Israel, Russia…


Sun Dried Tomatoes                          

Tomato Paste Sauces and Condiments 

More than 50% of processed fruits and vegetable processing companies are located in the Aegean Region. Main Advantages besides ideal conditions, include close proximity to growing regions of the raw materials, helping to both reduce costs and carbon footprint but also maximizing the quality and health properties including nutrients before being processed and preserved.

Ready to eat products are made using the best quality raw materials, in the most hygienic conditions with traditional methods and special care to replicate that World renowned home-made taste and flavors that Türkiye is known for globally. 

Being frozen within hours of harvest, all Turkish fruits and Vegetables are renowned worldwide for their quality and freshness, making them a year-round favorite globally .

Fruit Juices and Other Beverages

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