Mindy Kaling, 42, dazzles in a luscious lavender dress with a sky-high slit as she shows off her weight loss

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Mindy Kaling showed off her sexy figure wearing a lavender dress in new snaps she shared on Instagram on Thursday.

The 42-year-old sitcom star’s one-shoulder fitted dress featured a bold side slit that reached the actress’ thigh.

The office graduate simply pinned her message with three light purple heart-shaped emojis.

Sizzling: Mindy Kaling showed off her sexy figure wearing a lavender dress in new snaps she shared on Instagram on Thursday.

The beauty crow’s tufts are parted to the side and down in loose curls that cascade over her shoulders.

The comedian wore gold pointed heels and silver metallic stars.

Mindy wore a glamorous palette of make-up that included smokey eyeshadow, thick eyelashes, a strong eyebrow, rosy blush, and chestnut lipstick.

RACI: This 42-year-old sitcom star’s ribbed one-shoulder Bodycon dress features a bold side slit that reaches down to the actress’ thigh

The camera gave a slight smile as she rested her elbow on a bar and took the shape of her legs crossed.

Why not me? The author’s post was flooded with enthusiastic comments from fellow celebrities and fans.

Chrissy Teigen wrote, “Oops OPEN THE HIP!!!????”

Mindy replied, “chrissyteigen enjoy my pelvic skin,” adding a smiley face with the heart-eyes emoji.

One follower asked, ‘mindykaling, is pelvic skin the new side boob? I love it. So cool.’

Looking Great: Mindy recently revealed that she’s achieved an amazing weight loss recently by continuing to “eat what I love to eat” — but “a little of it”; Seen in March at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Lily Singh wrote: “Girl. Literal flame. Get an EMMMM while Priyanka Chopra commented with three fiery emojis and a smiley face with heart eyes emoji.

Purna Jaganathan added, ‘Is this side ** I see? It’s cool.’

For the past few months, Mindy has been showing off her sleek frame in a series of character-hugging groups on Instagram.

The star recently revealed that she achieved an amazing weight loss by continuing to “eat what I love to eat” – but “less of it”.

But while discussing her current diet with Entertainment Weekly She said, “Honestly, I haven’t done anything differently.”

Making a splash: She’s showing off her curvaceous frame in a series of hugging groups on Instagram

Performer Platter: ‘I eat what I like to eat. If I do any kind of restrictive diet, it will never work for me. I just eat less of it.

Mindy, who recently shared a video of herself making gnocchi, adopted a stricter diet to lose weight after welcoming her daughter Catherine.

Mindy said, ‘After I had my daughter, I had to shoot a movie two months later, so I was like, ‘Just give me grilled salmon and fried spinach. I’m going to eat that for three months.’ The star of the project.

Transformation! Mindy, left, has a smaller figure, and right, with more curves you’ll love in an elegant satin strapless dress in September 2021.

Her film Late Night, a comedy she led alongside Emma Thompson, began filming in Canada in April of 2018, just four months after Katherine was born.

Mindy then welcomed her son Spencer in September 2020, but the coronavirus lockdowns meant she wasn’t under those pressures to lose weight for a movie.

This was almost an extended maternity leave. The Oceans 8 actress said: “I wasn’t going to be in front of the camera, studios are closed.

“When the world started turning back a little bit, I thought, ‘This kind of eating, without considering what I’m eating, is probably not the way to go,'” she reflected during her new interview.

Mindy attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last Sunday in a Dolce & Gabbana dress that flaunted her sexy figure.

‘Traditional Irish Dish’: Mindy sometimes also fires up her social media to treat her fans with pictures of some of the delicious food she’s been teasing.

Yum: Mindy recently revealed on her Insta Stories that amid her incredible weight, her diet includes potatoes, which she filmed herself cooking with vegetables for breakfast.

Looking at the outfit, she quipped that her kids usually think of their mom and: “Oh drooling typing on her computer all day.” But when I had to prepare for all these events, [to] My daughter was like Elsa from Frozen.

“She was completely transformed and treated me completely differently,” she said. She was in awe. This is really funny. I think because of the pandemic, I haven’t been dressing much. This was kind of fun, to wow her every now and then. It’s only at that age where this stuff is interesting.

Mindy has been known for being transparent about her love life and has not publicly revealed the father of either of her two children.

“My feeling is that until I talk to my daughter about it, I won’t talk to anyone else about it,” she said after Catherine’s birth.

Mouth-watering: Mindy recently treated her fans with an Instagram video of herself making a leaf gnocchi and sharing her recipe

Mindy didn’t even announce her second pregnancy until she gave birth to Spencer and credits the coronavirus lockdowns have helped her keep her secret.

I mean, obviously, I’m not going anywhere, like everyone else, so no one ever caught me. So that was kind of easy deer.

Mindy recently revealed on Insta Stories that her diet still includes potatoes, which she filmed herself cooking with vegetables for breakfast.

It also included a snapshot of a bitch who admitted she slipped into her handbag during a dinner she attended the night before.

Wow: Mindy adopted a diet of “grilled salmon and fried spinach” in a movie after her daughter was born; Her late night movie (pictured) started shooting four months after giving birth

Almost a year ago she gave appearance Interview magazine said she would adopt a less restrictive attitude toward food.

“I’d love to be the size I was when I was 32 or something, but I just refuse to get over it,” she said. “I like to eat in restaurants, I like to eat at home, and I don’t like restricting my diet.”

She shared, “As long as I’m getting enough nutrients and feel like my heart and lungs are really working out, I don’t get over it.”

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