Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Frozen Rabbit Meat Location

2022-04-25 07:54:11 By : Mr. Mai John

Frozen Rabbit Meat is an elusive ingredient in the Dragon Ball world. This is how you can find some.

You spend much of your time in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot fighting any foe that crosses your path. But gathering food and materials is another important part of the experience.

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One ingredient you may need to find is the Frozen Rabbit Meat. Naturally, you can use it for cooking, and you also need it for a main story quest during the Android Terror Arrives chapter. Yet, it's an elusive item you're unlikely to locate by accident. In fact, there is only one place on the map where you can acquire the ingredient. Everything you need to know to locate it is included in this guide.

The one clue the game gives you about the location of the ingredient is the word 'frozen.' After all, there are not many places on the World Map where something could realistically freeze. The one spot is in the Darlinge Polynya region of the North Mountains Area. So, you must head there to locate the Frozen Rabbit Meat.

The meat isn't just laid on the ground, though. Instead, they're hidden inside giant blocks of ice. The exact location of the blocks varies based on what chapter you're currently playing. However, a good spot to search is among the snowy trees on the right side of the map, as there's usually an ice block around there.

When you find a block, you need to destroy it with a ki blast. This is how you fire one in free roam:

Once you break it, the Frozen Rabbit Meat should fly directly to you.

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During the Fleeting Normality episode of the Android saga, Chi-Chi needs you to find some ingredients for the lunch that she's making. One of the things on the list of the Frozen Rabbit Meat, which is the main reason people seek out the item.

Yet, you can also use meat in free roam to cook Aged Wild Steak. The dish gives you a boost in HP, Melee Attack, and Ki Attack.

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