DiGiorno adds new pizza options to their frozen lineup 

2022-04-25 07:51:11 By : Mr. Jayden Ysun

DiGiorno Breakfast Croissant Crust - Cinnamon Roll. Image courtesy DiGiorno

DiGiorno is probably the best-known pizza brand in the frozen food aisle at your grocery store, but you can only eat so much pepperoni or supreme pizza. Luckily, Digiorno is coming out with some new flavors that will send a shockwave through your taste buds.

And the new flavors are not just for lunch or dinner. They are for breakfast too! The first new line of pizzas features their new Breakfast Croissant Crust. Delicious! And there are three different flavors that come on this crust: cinnamon roll, eggs benedict-inspired, and sausage & gravy. While there may be other croissant pizzas out there, this is the only breakfast one available nationwide.

I was lucky enough to get a sample of the cinnamon roll one and OMG, it takes exactly like a cinnamon roll and it’s way less messy. But besides the cinnamon and the cream cheese icing, it also has little pieces of churros on it. Do I need to say more?

And the crust is just the right amount of savory to cut through some of the sweetness. These should be in stores already as they were set to come out this month.

DiGiorno Fully Stuffed Crust – Double Pepperoni. Image courtesy DiGiorno

There is also another new pizza line with the Fully Stuffed Crust Pizza. The mozzarella cheese is sandwiched between two layers of crispy crust and makes the pizza weigh almost two pounds! This pizza comes in Double Pepperoni and Ultimate Three Meat. These will be out in June 2022 and I will definitely be getting the pepperoni one.

DiGiorno Personal Size Hand Tossed Style Crust – BBQ Recipe Chicken. Image courtesy DiGiorno

DiGiorno is also expanding its small pizza line by adding two new hand-tossed pizza flavors. The flavors include Chicken Alfredo and BBQ Recipe Chicken. Yum! These should also already be in the frozen aisle at your local grocery store as they came out in April 2022.

Which of these new flavors sounds the best to you? Will you be stocking up on any of these pizzas? Let us know in the comments below!

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