6 Tips for Starting a Frozen Food Business, Suitable for Beginners!

2022-04-25 07:42:26 By : Ms. Abby Xiao

Because of its convenience, frozen food is one of the foods chosen by the community.It's no wonder that currently the frozen food business is very easy to find everywhere.Frozen food is a very practical food to cook for people who are busy.You don't need a long time to cook it.Therefore, the frozen food business has a high and promising opportunity to be undertaken.Not only that, usually the capital required to start a frozen food business also tends to be smaller than other businesses.Want to start a frozen food business?Let's look at some of the following so that your business can run smoothly with minimal obstacles!To start a frozen food business, you should first determine what you want to sell.Given that there are various types of frozen food that people like.Also determine whether you will become a reseller or make your own frozen food products.If you choose to make frozen food yourself, of course there will be more things you have to consider such as product quality, materials used, product management, and permission from BPOM.In addition, choose unique frozen food products so that you have more selling value.The next step is to determine the amount of capital you will use.Make details of what your operational needs are and the amount of funds you need to spend.You also have to calculate the costs needed for the place, electricity, and water used and don't miss it.In determining capital, you can use a business plan to help not only know the costs needed but also the direction and goals of your business going forward.The main tool needed in the frozen food business is of course a freezer.Make sure the freezer you use has a good temperature system.Don't let the frozen food products you sell go stale because of poor storage quality.Each frozen food product also has different storage conditions for each product.Don't forget to pay attention to this.However, if you intend to make your own, you also have to prepare supporting equipment for frozen food production.Frozen food product packaging should not be casual.Good packaging will support the quality of the products you sell.The plastic used to wrap frozen food does not have pores which then extends the shelf life of frozen food.In addition, for some frozen foods, you also need to vacuum the packaging to make it more airtight.The method of promotion is a very important thing in the business world.Quality products without promotion will still only get a few buyers.Therefore, it is important for you to find out what promotion method is right to do so that the products you sell are in demand and bought by many people.Don't forget to take advantage of social media platforms that are widely used by target buyers such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok to Twitter.Also take advantage of the marketplace platform so that you can reach a wider range of buyers and not only from the surrounding area.For this, don't forget to also look at the conditions provided by the delivery service for food delivery.Although it is a little difficult, try to find a supplier who offers materials at low prices but with high quality.This way you can reduce the selling price.Knowing the quality of a good frozen food supplier is certainly important in starting a frozen food business.Make sure the producer has a complete business permit requirement document accompanied by a maintained product manufacturing process.As a potential buyer, you can ask for frozen food production details, starting from the sourcing of raw materials, the manufacturing process, storage, to distribution.After finding the supplier, immediately make a trade agreement so that in the future, the buying and selling process runs more smoothly.Still hesitant to start a frozen food business because of capital?Don't worry because you can apply for a Credit with Collateral at CekAja.com.At CekAja.com, the credit application process is easy and fast.You only need to fill out a form with the required data on the CekAja.com website.If you intend to apply for a multipurpose loan, pawning car BPKB and motorcycle BPKB is a powerful solution to immediately get the needed business capital funds.The loan products offered are also varied, you can adjust to the needs you have.Security is also guaranteed by being registered and supervised by CekAja.com by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).So what are you waiting for?Let's start a frozen food business now by getting quick funds, look for it at CekAja.com!