Frozen Food Business: Tips, Capital, and Examples

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Home » Business » Frozen Food Business: Tips, Capital, and ExamplesThe frozen food business has been getting more and more attention lately.Besides being able to be done from home, this one business also has a wide market.The reason, many Indonesian people who like frozen food.If you are interested in starting a frozen food business, check out the following reviews!The frozen food business has begun to be cultivated by many people in recent years.Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where everyone must be observant to see business opportunities.Frozen food is a finished or semi-finished food product that is packaged by freezing.In fact, it is one of the most ancient types of food that the Chinese discovered about 3,000 years ago.The freezing process is carried out, aims to slow down changes in food, so that it will also inhibit the growth of bacteria.Regarding this business, my Financial Friend can get additional references through the following article How to Start a Promising Frozen Food Business in the New Normal EraIf you are interested in getting into the frozen food business, there are a few tips that you need to know beforehand, including:The frozen food business does tend to be easy to run.However, that doesn't mean you can ignore business research.There are several things that need to be known, such as capital, raw materials, processing, storage, distribution, to suppliers.In fact, you need further research if you make your own products that they sell.However, if you sell finished products from manufacturers, then your research is to determine a good and quality brand, and according to the market in your environment.[Also Read: Culinary Business in a Pandemic Period!?Here's the Tips for Success!]Every time you do something, you have to instill confidence and commitment in yourself, including in business.If your determination is strong, you will be able to carry it out even if it is not always smooth.Currently, frozen products are very diverse.If you want to focus on one type of food, it will be better to build your community later.For example, you focus on meatballs.Then you provide meatballs from various kinds of meat, prices, and brands.It's also a good idea to have a unique product.Because, you need to know the position, differences, and branding of your product.Even if you sell other people's products, create your own brand to differentiate it from other businesses.Some types of frozen food that are often sold by people include:For example sausages, nuggets, meatballs, dim sum, and so on.This food is warmed enough before serving.For example, soy sauce chicken, and so on.Examples such as fresh fish, fresh meat, and so on.[Also read: Smart Tips to Overcome Crisis in Business Ala Putri Tanjung]Competition is not something to be afraid of.Instead, this shows that the product market is quite large.Most importantly, you have marketing tricks and compete in a sporting manner.Capital is an important thing to start a business.You need to record all the necessities needed in business.The full explanation, we will review in the sub discussion below, yes.So make sure you read this article to the end.After all the details of the cost of capital are recorded, it's time for you to look for capital.The trick, can use savings or apply for a People's Business Credit (KUR) loan to the bank.Get more in-depth information about KUR, by reading the following article Need Funds For Business?Understand the Benefits of People's Business Credit Here!In the frozen food business, the position of product storage is one of the vital aspects.When stored under the right conditions, food will last longer and its quality will not deteriorate.For product packaging, make sure the container used is plastic for frozen food.This type of plastic is so tightly packed that no air gets into the food, which normally causes oxidation.The provisions regarding the storage of frozen food products are as follows.You can look for trusted suppliers to build partnerships.To make it easier, come directly to their office and learn about the products they have.Starting from the advantages, differences with similar products, as well as the forms of cooperation offered.Joining a professional manufacturer will make you learn a good business scheme.If you already understand the practice, you can consider making your own product.You can try working with frozen food distributors such as PT Belfoods Indonesia, PT Kirana Food, PT Macro Prima Pangan Utama, PT Primafood Internasional, PT Frozen food Pahala, or PT Indofrozen food.[Also Read: Got laid off?Here's Your New Source of Income Business Opportunity & Tips]The right way is the most effective technique in your domicile or among frozen food connoisseurs.For example, frozen food buyers in City A are Facebook users, so selling on Facebook is an effective way.Meanwhile in City B, people prefer to buy from community groups on Telegram.So, you can do business there.If possible, create your own website for your store.Especially if you have a delivery service and payment options.Products sold by large manufacturers of course have permission from BPOM and the Ministry of Health.If you want to make your own product, you should also have a permit or license.However, because while your product is a home-made product, then you can apply for a Home Industry Food license (PIRT).[Also read: Starting a Business with Ideal Legality & Financials]You can consider friends or relatives for a joint business.In addition, if there are colleagues who are both food businessmen, you can also work with them.For example, they have a cafeteria with a light menu such as sausages, nuggets, and so on.Then you can be the supplier.The frozen food business is indeed quite promising, especially since its development is growing rapidly in the midst of a pandemic.No wonder so many people are interested in taking advantage of this business to earn additional income.So that your decision to increase income is more confident and focused, you can point to the tips through the My Finansialku ebook Smart Strategy to Increase Your Income.Click the banner below and download the ebook for free.As stated above, that capital is one of the important things in starting a business.As an illustration, here are the details of the capital to start a frozen food business:Some of the equipment for the frozen food business at home include:The following is an example of a Frozen food business calculation if you use well-known brands:Well, both of these capitals are important to be prepared carefully.But, don't overthink it too much, because it's just an illustration.The rest, you can adjust to your current business plan and abilities.Finansialku friends can dig deeper information about business finance through the following audiobook.Happy listening!In addition to the capital description, you can also estimate profits by making a moderate model like the following:Based on the above estimates, the profit assumptions are as follows:Based on the assumptions above, the business can return on investment in less than 12 months.However, time and amount of profit are relative, so it can be bigger and faster or vice versa.All details about the capital and profits, try to be recorded neatly.To make it easier to map business financial cashflow.In addition, you will find it easier to plan future business activities.As a reference, Finansialku Friends can learn about managing business finances through the Finansialku ebook The Importance of Managing Personal and Business Finances.One example of a frozen food business that many are involved in is a partnership.With this business, you buy products from distributors or manufacturers at a certain price, then sell them again at the appropriate price.For example, you partner with CP Food which has products such as Fiesta, Champ, ASIMO, and so on.My Finansial friend, that's a review about the frozen food business.You can start now with a capital that is not too large.If you can't open a physical store, you can beautify your online store with a structured catalog and interesting product descriptions.If you need advice in managing your business and finances, just consult with my Financial planner.Come on, discuss it through my Financial Application or contact WhatsApp to make an appointment, okay?Good luck!Do you think you are ready to do all the tips above?If you have other tips for this business, don't hesitate to share them in the comments column below.Thank you1 Step 1 ​Make Sure My Financial Friends Don't Miss The Latest Information​ Subscribe now to get weekly market prediction analysis, financial planning, as well as stock analysis, mutual funds, and other investment Full name account_circle email Email Valid email Subscribe keyboard_arrow_leftPrevious Nextkeyboard_arrow_rightSubscribe now for weekly market forecast analysis, financial planning, as well as stock analysis, mutual funds and other investment products.Copy and paste 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