Food bank adding local meat

2022-04-25 07:53:02 By : Ms. Miki Wong

Apr. 19—Meat from eastern New Mexico will now be part of the donations to the public from The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico.

The food bank is the recipient of $210,195 from the state of New Mexico, a funding that came from the 2022 special session according to Dianna Sprague, food bank executive director.

"Most of that money is to buy food," Sprague said. "A small amount, 7%, may be used for fuel and delivery costs.

"We had a board meeting, and our board president Kathryn Shafer, said, 'We need to use these dollars to support local agriculture.'

"We thought the best thing to buy was protein, meat, for families. We'll be buying just ground beef from Foote Family Meats of Clovis."

The purchase price will be "at just above cost" according to Sprague.

"This is a perfect partnership that came at the right time," Foote Family Meats owner Megan Foote said. "It will enable us to open our store on Prince Street in June."

"We are thrilled to provide our beef to a wider base of consumers across eastern New Mexico," Foote said. "This also allows us to produce more steaks and higher end cuts.

"We are thankful for the food bank's willingness to invest in local producers."

Said Shafer, the food bank's board president: "I've known the Foote family for a long time. They have really good meat. They're dedicated to the area."

Having the food bank support local agriculture is important to Shafer.

"Without our local farmers we don't have food to buy in our grocery stores," Shafer said.

Shafer pointed out options are limited in eastern New Mexico as to what may be bought from local producers.

"We support the dairy industry if we can," Shafer said. "But we are limited on what we can buy."

Meanwhile, Sprague has thoughts of more goals for the food bank.

"We would like to do more projects like this but our cold storage space is limited," Sprague said.

Sprague said The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico "fills a need for helping families whose monies are strained by the high cost of groceries and costs at the gas pump."

Sprague said the food bank typically gives out 40 to 50 pounds of food per household per visit and clients may visit up to two times per month. Food stuffs typically include frozen meat, dairy, produce, and shelf-stable foods.

In addition to giving out food in Clovis and Portales other distribution points are Grady, House, Arch, Causey, Elida, Fort Sumner, Vaughn, Santa Rosa, Tucumcari, San Jon, Logan, Nara Visa and Encino.

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